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K a s k o b i

Launchpad Performance Artist


About Kaskobi


Kaskobi is a channel dedicated to performing music and creating new compositions using a device called the Launchpad. The performances are composed with a specific sample layout for the end-user to learn and play, as well as specific light effects to go along with the music and give the performance a much more visually stimulating appeal. Now, that sounds fancy, but, this channel was never intended to be where it is today, the channel was opened in 2014 as a side project to upload short films to the channel for school work. After the short film idea went bust, one video of the iPhone Remix got uploaded to the channel, and it did way better than any of the other videos on the channel in the past. The channel was continuously inspired by other Launchpad Artists such as Nev, M4Sonic, and many more, while still applying a unique touch to the channel to make it different and push it forward continuously to this day ever since 2014. We hope to grow the channel even further with your help.