The Launchpad community has come together to bring you the definitions behind words that we often use in our projects or videos. 

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A MIDI controller created by Novation, made into many different models, the Launchpad Pro, MK2, MINI, S and Classic. The device can be used to trigger audio samples as well as light effects. These small samples are put together with small light effects to create much larger and impressive performances.

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Light Effect

The sequence of MIDI notes or MIDI Effects used in conjunction to create a Light output on a Launchpad


A small section of a larger audio file. For example, a vocal sound, or drum


A button controlled page switcher in which the user is then presented with a whole new layout of 64 buttons when a page is changed, perhaps dedicated to a specific part of the song. For example, the intro - page 1, the drop - page 3 etc. The pages are cycled through by using the circle buttons to the right of the Launchpad

Performance Project / Project File

The downloadable and playable Ableton file that includes the audio and lights section of a performance


A collection of tracks mixed into one track, often with a certain theme and implementing small or large pieces, therefore ending in a larger track


An altered version of a track by another artist, modified by the new artist to suit their own style


The individual pieces of a track, that go into making the full track. Rendered out as individual audio files and make a performance much more complex as individual instruments can be played

Midi Extension

The Ableton Live plugin made by Exige that enables the use of MIDI clips (Light effects) to be triggered by a controller input, and therefore give an output. It can be downloaded HERE

Ableton Live

The software that the majority of Launchpad Artists use to create their covers. CLICK HERE to learn more about Ableton Live and download it

Max For Live (aka M4L)

This is an addition to Ableton Live that allows extra programming and plugins to be used. M4L does not have to be purchased to use Launchpad Projects, but using M4L does require Ableton Live Suite


This is the coding system that allows notes to be used in music software, it accounts for the button input from the launchpad, and the light effect output


A type of performance often done when audio production becomes difficult due to complexity of the audio. A Softcover is a performance where no real audio is played and only lights are triggered by button presses


The overall consolidation of light effects, often following the beat of a song or general traits of its intensity. Often used as the standalone part of a Lightshow video, where no performance is involved

Slice To Midi TRack (aka S2m)

The process in which a track or stem can be cut into smaller pieces via an automated process. This process tends to not be used due to its incapability of creating more than 128 slices when more are usually needed, and its inaccuracy in cutting a track in relation to the beat grid. This creates samples with offset start and end points


Often referred to as the method in which a light effect will appear to travel from one Launchpad to an adjacent one

Mode Light

The small LED indicator light at the base of Launchpad Pro, used to indicate the mode of usage by colour. The colour can be controlled with the right software

Top Lights

This is the top row of circle buttons on any launchpad which is impossible to control purely using Ableton Live. An extra plugin must be used for light feedback


A custom made controller used to display an extra layer of a lightshow underneath the Launchpad. Controlled via Ableton Live and is not publicly available

Chain Lights

An older style of light effect production, where default MIDI effects were used to create light effects, this was often clunky and required a lot of CPU power. However, chain lights are available to be played by people using the free version of Ableton Live

Piano Roll

The user space in which MIDI files are produced, whether they are synth notes or light effect files, they are created within the piano roll

Midi Effect Rack

One of the many older chain style MIDI effects. In its pure form, it is a folder, for containing light effects or other MIDI effects,, including more MIDI Effect Racks


A plugin created by SoNevable to automatically change pages on a Launchpad to make performances easier. It can be downloaded from SoNevable's website HERE

Record Arm

This is the small (usually red) button located at the right side of any Ableton Live track. The Record Arm must be enabled for the track to give any input feedback. For example, if the track is a MIDI track, Record Arm must be turned on in order for the input device to have an effect on the track. Also used to tell Ableton Live what tracks to record when the Record button is pressed

MIDI Channel

This is the corresponding number in which a Launchpad sends and receives its data through. Launchpad Pro and MK2 are (usually) set to channel 6, whereas any non-RGB Launchpad is set to channel 5 or 1


An alternative to Exige's MIDI Extension, which does not require a save file, but is extremely CPU intensive but has a few more adjustment features


This refers to the process in which multiple samples or light effects are assigned to a single button. The samples or lights are cycled through in chronological order when the button is pressed a new time


This in the process in which the notes within recorded MIDI clips (usually performance audio) are snapped to the grid of the beat, often making the audio slightly more enhanced. This can be done fully so each note perfectly lines up, or it can be done by a percentage, to still keep the legitimacy of the original recording

User Mode (aka user 1 mode)

The most common mode used by Launchpad Artists. It allows for any button to be mapped to a light and sound, giving us as Launchpad Artists, the best possible canvas to work with when producing a Launchpad performance


The action in which multiple MIDI or audio clips are joined together to make one larger, new file that is useful for getting samples or lights from

Chain Selector

A common alternate and more technical name for Pages, this is the selection area that defines a single light effect or audio grid as being assigned to a certain page


This is the control dial used to modify things like page number, volume of a certain track, or any other modifiable parameter. This dial can also be assigned to a selection of buttons to act as stages on a dial, this is how the pages are made