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The most streamlined Top Lights & Mode Light converter for Launchpad Projects

Main Features

In the simplest way possible, this plugin will convert certain MIDI notes into an output type that can be recognised by the top row of any Launchpad so that a launchpad performance/lightshow can include the top row of lights. It does this by converting raw MIDI note data into MIDI Control Change and SysEx data and outputting it on the top row of the launchpad as well as the mode light of the Launchpad Pro. This is by no means a new concept, it has been done before in slightly different ways that have experimented with the functionality of the plugin. Other top lights plugins create huge amounts of lag when used with multiple Launchpads, resulting in it being hard to play a long performance with more than one Launchpad. This top lights plugin has been programmed with this in mind and fixes all previous issues.

Fixes & Tweaks

This plugin also fixes the issue that came about with previous top lights plugins, where if a Launchpad MK2 or S was being used, it would take the MIDI signal from the left hand row of circle buttons on a Launchpad pro, and move it to the top of the MK2, resulting in strange looking light effects. However, this plugin will take the same MIDI data for the top lights as the Launchpad Pro, making light effects on a Launchpad MK2 look correct when being used with top row light effects. Some top lights plugins will freeze up when used while playing reasonably intense light effects, resulting in frozen MIDI data on the top row, which looks strange when performing live. This plugin has been programmed with that in mind, and fixes this issue. This plugin has also been created to be more streamlined and simplistic, making it easier to set up and use with your Launchpads.

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This plugin is very simple to setup, you simply have to download this device, and drag it to the very end of your light effect chain, outside of the main MIDI effect rack.

No specific requirements of file location. Tested and confirmed as functional with Ableton Live 10.0.5 and higher, and Max 8 (Lower versions should still work). Live 10 Suite or Trial is required to run this plugin.



The plugin can be used to then play any Launchpad project containing top row light effects. To use this top lights plugin in your own projects, the MIDI values of the plugin must be understood. The top lights plugin uses the MIDI notes E0 - B0 (In ascending order from left to right of Launchpad). Making a MIDI effect be triggered on these notes will then work as a regular light effect, the top lights plugin merely adapts that MIDI data to be sent to the top row. The MIDI values have been modified in this plugin to be exactly the same across all Launchpads. Meaning that this positioning will be the exact same on Launchpad Pro, MK2, S, Mini and Classic, allowing the lights to look correct when run on different launchpad types.



- Fixed a small bug where Mode Light toggle ON would not save inside the project.

- Fixed a small bug where some MIDI messages would not be passed through

- Overall re-design
- Conversion method reverted to the 1.0 Version so save on some slight lag
- Added cross Launchpad hiding functionality for all Launchpads at once


- Fixed a small bug in which any note below D#0 allowed Mode light to be triggered and it is now limited to just D#0


- Updated design
- Added Mode Light functionality
- Added button to hide the mode and user light for the output Launchpad
- Added toggle for the Mode Light as having more than one instance in the project will cause light freezing due to a Max bug
- Plugin size reduced and conversion process streamlined


- Improved use of multiple Launchpads, MIDI feedback loops removed
- Fixed a glitch where MIDI would freeze on the top row
- Optimised for more intense light effects
- Improved functionality and ease of use
- Improved setup process