(LIMITED EDITION) Launchpad Stickers - GLOW

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(LIMITED EDITION) Launchpad Stickers - GLOW


A full set of Launchpad Stickers.
Fits Launchpad Pro, MK2, Classic or S (Launchpad Not Included). Includes 68 Square Buttons (Including Centers), 33 MK2/Pro Edge Buttons, 16 S Edge Buttons, 8 "Nubless" Buttons & 1 Mode Light Hider. Sticker set is also signed by Kaskobi.

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This is a full set of Launchpad Stickers.
This set fits Launchpad Pro, MK2, Classic or S (Launchpad is not included). Includes 68 square stickers (Including center stickers), 33 MK2/Pro edge stickers, 16 Launchpad S edge stickers, 8 "nubless" stickers & 1 mode light hider


It helps to use a sharp edge to get the stickers off your sheet, but this is optional. Please be careful if sharp edges are being used. Get an edge under the sticker you need to apply and lift it from the sticker sheet. Before applying the sticker to the Launchpad or other MIDI device, it helps a lot to give the button a quick clean, to have maximum adhesion and highest durability. Clean with just a quick swipe of a thin towel. DO NOT USE LIQUID CLEANERS. Bring the sticker over to the button on your Launchpad or other device that you intend to apply the sticker to, and line up at least one of the edges of the sticker with the edge of the button. Hold the sticker just above the button and push down into place. Firmly press the sticker into place, avoiding creating any creases in the sticker for the best effect. Each sticker has slight leeway if you want to remove and reapply it to get a better and more level application. Repeat this process for all stickers on your Launchpad. The entire process should take about 10-25 minutes for one set of stickers.


Launchpad stickers are constructed using an ultra high quality vinyl cutter with the very best sticker material on the internet. The sticker material is very commonly used for product decals and has amazing adhesion. These stickers will not fall off unless you want them to come off, if you wish to remove your stickers and return to a more classic looking Launchpad.