The simplest way of generating input reactive light effects


This plugin is intended to generate different types of light effects with different origin points. For example, lines flowing out of a button, or diagonal explosions etc. It’s possible to combine different types of effects too, and these effects will be applied to whatever input chains you set in your midi effect rack.


This plugin is very simple to setup, you simply have to download this device, and drag it into a regular chain like you would with MIDIext or anything else like that. Add Iris by mat1jaczyyy after Resonator to add some amazing colours to your newly generated light effects

No specific requirements of file location. Tested and confirmed as functional with Ableton10.0.5 and higher, and Max 8 (Lower versions should still work). Live 10 Suite or Trial is required to run this plugin.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 13.27.07.png


- Added support for different generated light effects