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The simple loading device for playing multiple samples

Main Features

This plugin is built to be a direct replacement for the randomiser plugin inside Ableton Live that is primarily used to load multiple samples onto a single button. The reason it has been re-created is purely to add reset functionality from inside MIDIext2.1 Master. This master device can be used to reset the cycle to help keep the project simple. Previously, the randomisers were not resettable, leaving the performer confused if they don’t know what stage of the cycle they are in. This is now changed with the reset functionality.

Fixes & Improvements

This plugin aims to keep the same functionality of having a randomise device before a MIDI effect rack or an instrument rack, which was the standard way of doing it in the older versions of Ableton, this required the use of sometimes 4 or even more plugins just to get this effect, now, you’re able to do all of this in just one plugin! with an intuitive way of setting the cycle length anywhere between 1 and 16, and also a simple button to reset the cycle which was not previously possible.


This plugin is very simple to setup. It does require you to have Max For Live installed, which is automatically installed if you have Live 10 Suite or Trial, but is not installed if you have Live 9 and must be downloaded from No Master devices are needed to load and save the lights, just insert the plugin in a regular chain and drag the effect into any of the MIDI file boxes.

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This plugin is used to make multiple audio samples trigger based on an input from a regular MIDI message. This enables the use of multiple samples to be re-triggered by a MIDI input signal from a MIDI controller such as a Launchpad. This plugin allows you to cycle through up to 16 samples, all in one plugin. This plugin allows for simpler multi-sampling and easier reset functionality. It must be added before an instrument rack with each of the samples pitched into place, and then counter pitched with transpose to set the samples in the right place.


- Added toggleable global reset from PMI
- Sample amount increased from 16 to 64

- Updated edition of Ableton's randomiser plugin, built for Launchpad projects
- Added cycle reset functionality across project using MIDIext2.1 Master