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The simple plugin for mapping multiple inputs to a single macro


Ever since Launchpad projects came out it has never been possible to have a simple way of using pages with two entirely different types of Launchpads. This plugin fixes that issue. It’s never been possible to have two different midi mapping be connected to a single macro, and finally, this plugin can achieve exactly that.

Fixes & Improvements

Multi Macro can be used for anything even outside of Launchpad projects, but the main focus here is the fact that multiple “sub-macros” can be linked to the main macro in your instrument or MIDI effect rack. The way it works is by sending the most recently received macro value to the macro you assign in the bottom right corner. This allows for multiple controller types to modify the same macro.


Add this device on its own chain in an instrument rack, or MIDI effect rack, MIDI map the macros you want to use, and theyll send their notes off to the first macro in the chain.

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- Removed ability to link Sub-Macros, as this would cause long chains in the undo menu that were annoying

- Added multi macro functionality