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The simple loading device for loading multiple MIDI files

Main Features

In essence, this plugin has very similar functionality to MIDIext2.0 Slim, however, this version is different in most ways, as this plugin allows for multiple MIDI effects to be loaded onto one button and cycled through from any number between 1 and 16, when the plugin reaches the end of it’s cycle it will go back to the start. This cycle is also resettable which was not previously possible in stock Ableton Live.

Fixes & Improvements

This plugin aims to keep the same functionality of having a randomise device before a MIDI effect rack, which was the standard way of doing it in the older versions of Ableton, this required the use of sometimes 4 or even more plugins just to get this effect, now, you’re able to do all of this in just one plugin! with an intuitive way of setting the cycle length anywhere between 1 and 16, and also a simple button to reset the cycle which was not previously possible.


This plugin is very simple to setup. It does require you to have Max For Live installed, which is automatically installed if you have Live 10 Suite or Trial, but is not installed if you have Live 9 and must be downloaded from No Master devices are needed to load and save the lights, just insert the plugin in a regular chain and drag the effect into any of the MIDI file boxes.



This plugin is used to make multiple MIDI clips trigger based on an input from a regular MIDI message through a MIDI effect rack. This enables the use of multiple exported MIDI files to be re-triggered by a MIDI input signal from a MIDI controller such as a Launchpad. This plugin allows you to cycle through up to 16 MIDI effects, all in one plugin. This was not previously possible before MIDI Extension existed and had to be done through very precise usage of MIDI effects built in to Ableton Live. This plugin removes the need for those effects and allows for much more precise MIDI file craftsmanship to be re-played through this plugin and output to whatever MIDI device you like.


- Added support for global reset from PMI
- Added individual delete buttons on each MIDI file for precise plugin control

- Overall re-design
- Plugin re-named from MIDIext Multi to MIDIext Multi-Light
- Added MIDIext stopping functionality
- Added cycle reset functionality across project using MIDIext2.1 Master

- File size reduced by 39kb to 141kb to save on RAM usage
- Clear MIDI button changed to “Clear”. Now clears all MIDI and resets the cycle length
- Box size increased to see larger MIDI file names
- Minor Re-design overall

- Bug fixed where cycle number would save with the project. Upon opening the project, all MIDIext2.0 Multi plugins are now set to cycle number 1 to avoid confusion in sampling and MIDI file placement

v2.0 Developed by Kaskobi
- Assignment file saving/loading removed, saving occurs in the Ableton Live project so no save file is needed and load times are 0
- Specific file directories removed, however, you must “Collect all and save” if you want other performers to play your project
- Cycle abilities added for multiple light effects
- Cycle reset functionality added
- “Next Up” UI window added to show the next effect in the cycle