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The easiest way to Macro map the edge buttons of Ableton Push or any other CC based controller


Some controllers have never been properly supported for Ableton Live projects the same way that Launchpads have. This plugin aims to solve that problem, and was built from the ground up based on similar architecture as Wormhole, created by Nev, to enable the use of Macro Mapping single CC notes. The end result of all this is the ability to change pages and macros using other methods such as the Ableton Push, or even the top row of a Launchpad!

Fixes & Improvements

Multi CC works by mapping the physical button on your controller to a specific number, clicking this button on your device will send a given value to the first macro in your chain. This is the simplest way imaginable to be able to get a range of notes and macro control out of singular buttons.


Add this device on its own chain in an instrument rack, or MIDI effect rack, MIDI map the buttons you want to use, and they’ll send their given values off to the first macro in the chain.

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- Changed default number values

- Added multi CC functionality