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The ultimate space saving MIDI file loader for Launchpad Projects and Ableton Live

Main Features

MIDI Extension 2.0 Slim is the most compact and slimmed down MIDI file loader to ever come to Ableton Live. This has been re-designed from the ground up, with some influences from the original MIDI Extension to be the smallest possible MIDI file loader for Ableton Live and Launchpad Projects. The plugin features a simple reset button to clear the currently loaded MIDI file to help with project file production, and has built in BPM sync to make sure the light effects stay at the same speed. By default, MIDIext2.0 Slim is exactly the same as MIDIext2.0 with no settings, keeping the RAM usage down by about 400% compared to the the regular MIDIext2.0

Fixes & Improvements

This plugin aims to keep the same functionality of the original MIDIext plugin released in 2016, but removes the need to have save files to assign the MIDI files into place, and as well as this, reduces the plugin file size by nearly 300% compared to the old plugin. it is extremely streamlined and is designed purely to be the smallest possible MIDI file loading device for Ableton Live. The overall design of the plugin stays very small like the original extension but updates it slightly to give it a fairly modern look.

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This plugin is very simple to setup. It does require you to have Max For Live installed, which is automatically installed if you have Live 10 Suite or Trial, but is not installed if you have Live 9 and must be downloaded from No Master devices are needed to load and save the lights, just insert the plugin in a regular chain and drag the effect into the MIDI file box.



This plugin is used to make a MIDI clip trigger based on an input from a regular MIDI message through a MIDI effect rack. This enables the use of an exported MIDI file to be re-triggered by a MIDI input signal from a MIDI controller such as a Launchpad. This was not previously possible before MIDI Extension existed and had to be done through very precise usage of MIDI effects built in to Ableton Live. This plugin removes the need for those effects and allows for much more precise MIDI file craftsmanship to be re-played through this plugin and output to whatever MIDI device you like. It does all this while keeping a file size that is almost 3x smaller than the original MIDI Extension plugin released in 2016.


- Image files compressed
- File size reduce by roughly 50%, from 47kb to 23kb
- Minor UI changes

- Reset button resized
- Renamed to fit the regular 2.2 update

- Fixed a bug where the “clear” button would only clear the file name but not the file itself.

- Fixed a bug where light effects wouldn’t copy across when updating from 2.0

- Overall re-design
- File size reduced from 48kb to 47kb
- Added MIDI file stopping functionality from MIDIext2.1 Master
- Fixed a bug where lights would freeze when swapping an effect during playing

v2.0 Developed by Kaskobi
- Updated design
- Assignment file saving/loading removed, saving occurs in the Ableton Live project so no save file is needed and load times are 0
- Added more intuitive play controls to preview the light effect on your Launchpad
- Specific file directories removed, however, you must “Collect all and save” if you want other performers to play your project
- Code size kept to a strict minimum to keep efficiency at maximum