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The Master control panel for all Launchpad projects using MIDIext2.1 or newer

Main Features

This is a completely different plugin from the original Master plugin found in the old MIDIext1.0 projects. This version serves a different purpose and is used at the start of a MIDI channel to set the input button to disable all the light effects at once in the project, or the button to reset all of the Multi-Sampling. This will only work with MIDIext2.1 plugins or newer. You have a choice of the 4 arrow buttons on the top row of your Launchpad, use any of these to stop a light effect in the middle of it’s run cycle, or also use the same button to reset the Multi-Sampling and Multi-Lighting across the entire project in one touch.

Fixes & Tweaks

This plugin finally allows the ability to stop a light effect in the middle of it’s run cycle, which wasn’t previously possible as the light effect was never given any direct commands to stop, this plugin makes that possible. This means in summary that if your project contains a long light effect, you’ll be able to stop it before it reaches the end without having to wait the full length of time. This plugin also lets you assign a button to reset Multi effects within the project and reset the cycles back to normal, making it much easier to track what is going on throughout the project.

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This plugin is very simple to setup, you simply have to download this device, and drag it to the very start of any of your MIDI tracks, with the input of the Launchpad you want to use as the control Launchpad.

No specific requirements of file location. Tested and confirmed as functional with Ableton Live 10.0.5 and higher, and Max 8 (Lower versions should still work). Live 10 Suite or Trial is required to run this plugin.

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This plugin is used to reset the Multi-Sampling and Multi-Lighting effects found across some more complicated Launchpad projects which was not possible with the old method. This button lets you assign that reset function to one of the arrow buttons on the top row of your Launchpad. As well as this, it allows for light effects to be stopped in the middle of the effect for any effect running in MIDIext2.1 or newer, which was also not previously possible, performers had to wait to the end of the effect finishing before being able to continue playing. This stopping functionality allows the user to stop a light effect without stopping Ableton’s transport function while recording.



- Clear Lights will now also hide Mode Light and User lights on all Launchpads if Top Lights 2.1.2 or higher is at the end of each channel.

- Master functionality changed entirely
- Added MIDIext stopping functionality
- Added Multi-Sample and Multi-Light cycle reset functionality across project