The long awaited update to the classic MIDI file loader for Ableton Live and Launchpad Projects

Main Features

This plugin brings the ease of some other MIDI loaders to the MIDI Extension, finally! As well as bringing across some new modification controls to the plugin overall, the file size of the plugin itself is still slightly smaller than the original MIDIext plugin made by Exige back in 2016. This means that RAM usage should be a little less compared to the older version as the saving and loading scripts from the original plugin have been removed! They aren’t needed any more! This version of MIDIext2.0 incorporates a few controls to make the light effect easily modifiable. The light effect window also features a preview button just below the drop window to watch the effect on your Launchpad. This version of MIDI Extension also brings Key-tracking, this enables certain light effects to react to the input pitch of the key pressed on the launchpad, enabling Launchpad project creators to set MIDIext to listen to a certain note range to react to the input key. New in 2.3, MIDIext now has the ability to convert projects that use the MIDIext1.0 plugin using the an integrated converter made by mat1jaczyyy.

Fixes & Improvements

This new version of MIDIext fixes some of the biggest issues present in the older version. MIDIext2.0 no longer requires light effect load/save files! FINALLY. As well as this, there is no longer a specific file directory needed to place the MIDIext plugin. All file related issues have been fixed. Another issue with the original is that light effect names could not include spaces. Also fixed! All this, in a file size that it just slightly smaller than the original plugin! This should reduce RAM usage slightly allowing projects to stay small and easy to load for users with slower computers.


Speed: Direct relation to the BPM of the light effect controlled by a dial with a range of 10% light effect speed, all the way up to 250% light effect speed

BPM Sync: With BPM on, the light effect speed will be directly related to the project BPM and will stay locked even if the project BPM is automated or changed. However, BPM Sync can be toggled off if the light requires a specific BPM timing.

Pre Delay: This determines how much time the MIDIext waits before it triggers the light effect, in terms of the project BPM.

Rotation: Rotates all notes on the Launchpad around the center point in increments of 90 degrees

Mirror: Mirrors every single button in the light effect across the Launchpad about a mirror line in the exact center of the Launchpad. Horizontal mirrors from left to right, vertical mirrors from top to bottom

Overlap Mode: Switch between Poly and Mono. If this is set to Mono, the light effect will cancel itself out when played at more than one time on top of itself. Poly mode will let the light effect play as normal.

Key-Tracking: Enable the light effect to react to the input key to create some button reactive light effects. Set the root note to change the original pitch. This mode is fairly buggy and has a hard time detecting the pitch if more than one button is clicked at the same time.

Speed Link: Links the pre-delay to the overall speed adding a multiplier to it to aid in cross launchpad light effects

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 00.50.55.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 00.51.52.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 00.52.36-Recovered.png


This plugin is very simple to setup. It does require you to have Max For Live installed, which is automatically installed if you have Live 10 Suite or Trial, but is not installed if you have Live 9 and must be downloaded from https://cycling74.com/. No Master devices are needed to load and save the lights, just insert the plugin in a regular chain and drag the effect into the MIDI file box.



This plugin is used to make a MIDI clip trigger based on an input from a regular MIDI message through a MIDI effect rack. This enables the use of an exported MIDI file to be re-triggered by a MIDI input signal from a MIDI controller such as a Launchpad. This was not previously possible before MIDI Extension existed and had to be done through very precise usage of MIDI effects built in to Ableton Live. This plugin removes the need for those effects and allows for much more precise MIDI file craftsmanship to be re-played through this plugin and output to whatever MIDI device you like.

Converting from MIDIext1.0

This plugin integrates the Lightweight MIDIext converter created by mat1jaczyyy. Follow his tutorial to see how to convert projects, but use MIDIext2.3 rather than Lightweight. Tutorial link is here: https://youtu.be/0QcieledmTc?t=90


- Added support for MIDIext1.0 conversion through mat1jaczyyy’s Lightweight converter.
- Image file compressed
- File size reduced from 165kb to 160kb
- Minor UI changes

- Updated to 2.2 due to pitch compatibility issues
- Root note changed to “Pitch”
- Pitch range increased to 255
- Reset button resized
- Speed control & Delay link fixed
- Interaction disabled with the BPM control when BPM sync is on, turn off BPM sync to add a manual BPM

- Overall re-design
- File size reduced from 189kb to 166kb
- Added MIDI file stopping functionality from MIDIext2.1 Master
- Fixed a bug where lights would freeze when swapping an effect during playing
- Fixed a bug where lights would freeze during changing any of the modifiers
- Modifiers title text removed
- Fixed a bug where Key Tracking values would be incorrect when pressing more than one button at the same time
- Added a link toggle between MIDI file speed and pre-delay to add a multiplier to the pre-delay to aid cross Launchpad effects
- Key-tracking toggle replaced with a toggle between Static mode and Key Tracked mode
- Reset button also clears already playing effects
- Pre-delay time maximum upgraded from 1 beat to 4 beats
- Reset button fixed to grab BPM for BPM sync again when effects are reset
- Divider added between Speed & Time modifiers, and Position & Mapping Modifiers
- Fixed a bug where root note would not save with the project in some cases

v2.0 Developed by Kaskobi
- Updated design
- Assignment file saving/loading removed, saving occurs in the Ableton Live project so no save file is needed and load times are 0
- Added more intuitive play controls to preview the light effect on your Launchpad
- Specific file directories removed, however, you must “Collect all and save” if you want other performers to play your project
- Modifier effects added to change the light effect after being exported such as Speed, Rotation, Mirror and more!

v1.0 Created by Exige
- MIDI file assignment in chains introduced
- Light effect assignment achieved through saving and loading the save file
- Tempo controls to adjust the speed of the light effect
- Mono & Poly control to determine the overlap of the light effect
- Specific plugin directories needed