The breakthrough light-show simulator for Ableton Live


MicroLight removes the difficulty of needing a physical Launchpad with you while creating a Launchpad light-show. This plugin in it’s beta stage is only able to preview a light-show, created for any Launchpad. The final release will feature the ability to create light-shows using this plugin as well. MicroLight uses the default colour spectrum of the Launchpad Pro, and the same notes too. The window can also be popped out into its own standalone device right from inside Ableton. different note modes and MIDI clearing will be enabled on final release.


Usage of this plugin has been made as simple as possible. Add the plugin at the end of the MIDI track to preview the output light-show MIDI, or put it at the start of the track to preview the input MIDI.

Screenshot 2019-05-14 at 14.17.18.png


Beta 1.2
- ACTUALLY fixed the zooming bug.
- Renamed some controls

Beta 1.1
- Fixed a zooming bug

Beta 1
- Light-show preview functionality enabled
- MIDI Input currently disabled
- Pop-out window enabled
- Launchpad Pro velocities added to the color chart