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The breakthrough light-show simulator for Ableton Live


MicroLight removes the difficulty of needing a physical Launchpad with you while creating a Launchpad light-show. With this plugin it is possible to test project performances on the go, create lightshows, and simulate how a specific project will function in the real world if you don’t currently have your Launchpad with you. MicroLight uses the default colour spectrum of the Launchpad Pro, and the same notes too, but the color palette can be changed to any Retina compatible color palette inside of the settings window. The MicroLight window can also be popped out into its own standalone device right from inside Ableton, allowing for the window to float over the piano roll and preview your lightshow right inside while you’re building it.


The actual MicroLight simulator plugin goes in your project’s output track, after Output Manager, or AFTER any given MIDI devices or lightshows that have been created

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The receiver however goes in your projects INPUT track, right after Input Manager. If you want to use MicroLight to actually produce lightshows its extremely important that you make this on an independent track, as this is the only way to route midi into a track in order to be produced.

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- 16 edge mode added along with 32 edge mode
- Colour table tweaked further to look more realistic
- Fixed a bug causing palette loading to corrupt the original colour tables
- Performance increased

- 45 degree rotations added
- Colour table tweaked to look more realistic and accurate
- Colour generation algorithm changed to allow for more saturated colours
- Settings window moved from external window to inside the actual plugin
- Added ability to tweak latency with Note-Off refresh control
- Added ability to change the brightness of the buttons when they are turned off
- Performance increased

- Light-show preview functionality enabled
- Pop-out window enabled
- Launchpad Pro velocities added to the color chart
- Added the ability to load in custom Retina color palettes
- Added support for the input receiver
- Fixed zooming bug
- Added settings window for setting MicroLight ID and loaded palette
- Performance and efficiency increased by roughly 50%