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The streamlined and simplified MIDI music visualiser for Ableton Live



Echo is the simplest possible way to create an audio spectrum visualiser inside of Ableton Live. It generates 8 frequency bans that are responsive to whatever audio you push through it! The band colours are fully customisable making it extremely diverse, and also practical!


The main Echo device is placed either on your master track or any other audio track you feel and it will convert the audio data into the your visualised data, which is then sent off to the receiver so that it can be sent out of a MIDI port.

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The receiver however goes on a MIDI track with the output going to your Launchpad. Make sure it is one of the first devices in the track, it’s important that any data generated from it gets treated like any other light effect.

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- Fixed a bug preventing colors from being saved inside a project file
- Default values of velocity selectors changed

- Improved user-friendliness over the old method of using Envelope followers
- Added support for customised colours
- Added Centered mode
- Latency reduced compared to Envelope follower
- Added support for changing the sample rate
- Added cloning of the bands to copy 8 velocities across all bands
- Added frequency control for each specific band
- Added minimum frequency control on band 1 to allow for Multiple instances of Echo for use with more Launchpads
- Added Functionality to Solo individual bands to hear what range is selected
- Added Gain control over each specific band
- Added transformation controls over the output, such as flipping and rotation
- Added ability to clone the Data out to the edges, having 10 bands was impractical so it instead duplicates the MIDI at the edges