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The simplest Max For Live device to count your MIDI messages

Main Features

This is by far the simplest plugin of the bunch. Originally created by InspirAspir and further developed by Kaskobi to where it is today, this MIDI counting device is designed to count exactly how many MIDI notes pass through it, giving you an exact number of how many MIDI notes are used in the performance of your Launchpad Project, or any other project for that matter.

Fixes & Tweaks

This new version fixes 3 main problems of InspirAspir’s original plugin. The old plugin wouldn’t let the MIDI pass through it. This one does, so you can still watch a lightshow for example while counting the MIDI. The old plugin also had no easy reset button. This one also fixes that and adds a huge reset button right slap bang in the middle. Finally, the design has been updated to look much more slick and modern.


This plugin is very simple to setup, you simply have to download this device, and drag it to the very end of your light effect chain, outside of the main MIDI effect rack.

No specific requirements of file location. Tested and confirmed as functional with Ableton10.0.5 and higher, and Max 8 (Lower versions should still work). Live 10 Suite or Trial is required to run this plugin.



This plugin can be used to count the MIDI messages of a MIDI lightshow, the performed notes, the number of notes in a scale, the number of notes in a black MIDI track. the uses are endless.


- Fixed a major bug where a counted note would stay logged in Ableton’s undo history
- Added a page of extra and more details about message types
- Added support for counting 12 new message types in the details menu

- Overall re-design
- "Reset all" button added to reset all counters in the project
- Counter reset to 0 when a project is re-loaded

- Updated design
- Fixed the fact that the old version was an Audio plugin
- Reset Button added
- Manual display adjustment removed
- Display size increased
- MIDI throughput enabled